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Try one of Italy's best-kept secrets for foot care. As advertised in the Italian editions of Vanity Fair and Glamour magazines, Podovis foot care solutions are a refreshing response to the stress your feet and legs are exposed to daily.

Soothe and soften tired and sore feet. Podovis Foot Moisturizing Gel is an emollient that contains natural seaweed extracts, aloe vera and menthol. Use it to: 

·         Refresh your feet. Apply the menthol-infused gel liberally during or after foot massage.

·         Soften your feet. Put it on at the end of the day and slip into a pair of comfy socks to enhance the foot moisturizing effect.

·         Deodorize your feet. Try it after a footbath to help combat persistent foot odor. 

Podovis Foot Moisturizing Gel is non-greasy, has a very light fragrance and can be used by men and women several times a day to promote healthier, happier feet.  

Imported from Italy and sold in a convenient 6.75 oz. bottle.